4th Leadership Program

4th Leadership Program

Ahlulbait Centre in Wembley invites you to register for the 4th Leadership Program

Open to boys and girls age 14 – 18

The program provide lectures and workshops to enhance important skills including:

Public Speaking, Team Working, Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking.

These skills will empower young people and increase their confidence to hold fast onto their religion and enhances their performance at school in preparation for university.

The program will start on Sunday
between 10am and 4pm
(Refreshments and lunch will be provided)

Deadline for registration is Friday 26/1/2018

For registration please send a text message to : (07716984662) with information including the name, age and contact number.


– Hassen Al-Sader
– Zahra Allawi
– Munir Eljaouhari
– Salam Naji
– Maryam Allawi
– Karrar Al-Mousawi

Program Coordinator: Talal Al-Anasi

Ahlulbait Centre address:
126 Church Lane
‎‏NW9 8SS

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